Felicity is doing a few days of masterclasses in Gréoux-les-Bains, not far from Aix-en-Provence in early October. If you are a singer and want to take part, here is the application information:

MASTER CLASS de chant lyrique




7 - 8- 9  OCTOBRE  2022


Lieu de la Master class : Chapelle San Sébastien – Gréoux-Les-Bains

Horaires : 9h30 - 12h / 14h - 18h – concert-audition le dimanche 9 octobre 18h30

Olivier LECHARDEUR, pianiste accompagnateur, sera présent pour les huit chanteurs retenus par l'EDPV.

Niveau requis : étudiants en fin d’études CRR, CNSM et jeunes chanteurs professionnels - Sélection sur dossier


INSCRIPTION : avec lettre de motivation et CV. Le programme présenté (3 pièces de styles différents) est à adresser avant le 15 septembre soit par mail, soit par courrier à :

Ensemble Instrumental Provence-Verdon : B. Mauppin : Hôtel de ville – 04800 Gréoux-Les-Bains


TARIF : 200 €  à régler à : l'Ensemble Instrumental Provence Verdon, organisateur.


CONTACT :  Bernard MAUPPIN, 06 80 96 08 84 -

De nombreux hôtels et gites divers sont possibles dans cette belle station thermale.



"Il nous faut de l'amour"
Buchet / Chastel
ISBN 978-2-283-02888-9

Il nous faut de l'amourOlivier Bellamy, a French journalist with a daily programme on Radio Classique, who has written books about Martha Argerich and Teresa Berganza, has written a book with me/about me: Il nous faut de l’amour, published by Buchet Chastel. It is in French!
It seems very self-indulgent to have written a book about my career and life- it wasn’t my idea! But after spending hours looking back and remembering people and events, I feel very fortunate and very privileged. I’ve worked with some wonderful people and made some very good friends. Several people should have received credits in the book, which suddenly came out very quickly after being in the pipeline for a couple of years. Without all the work done by Marina Lewandowski on this website, it would have been impossible to publish a discography. And special thanks are due to my friend Sue Jones and her husband Paul, for putting all my performances on to a database from which we could extract a list of operas, colleagues and conductors. My agent, Robert Rattray, who looked after me all my performing life until he vanished across the Pond, should have a chapter to himself for being a very caring, shrewd and wise Manager, steering me through some choppy waters. And my family has been endlessly patient and supportive. I apologise if this sounds as though I’ve won an Oscar; I couldn’t really be more surprised if I had!  Felicity



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