My Own Country

Champs Hill Records


Felicity Lott - soprano

Graham Johnson - piano


1. O Mistress Mine (Hubert Parry)  
2. The Trellis
(John Ireland ) 
3. My Heart Is Like A Singing Bird
(Hubert Parry)
4. Speak, Music
(Edward Elgar)
5. In Moonlight
(Edward Elgar)
6. Music, When Soft Voices Die
(Roger Quilter)
7. Music And Moonlight
 (Roger Quilter)
8. Pleading
(Edward Elgar)
9. Twilight
(Edward Elgar)
10. Under The Greenwood Tree
(Hubert Parry)
11. Strew No More Red Roses
(Frank Bridge)
12. Love’s Philosophy
(Roger Quilter)
13. Ha’nacker Mill
(Peter Warlock)
14. My Own Country
(Peter Warlock)
15. I Have Twelve Oxen
(John Ireland) 
16. Go, Lovely Rose
(Roger Quilter)
17. Go Not, Happy Day (Frank Bridge) 
18. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal (Roger Quilter)
19. Sleep (Peter Warlock) 
20. The Night (Peter Warlock)
21. The White Peace (Arnold Bax)
22. Ushas (Gustav Holst)
23. The Blue-Eyes Fairy (Edward Elgar) 
24. Missing (Harold Fraser-Simson) 
25. Politeness (Harold Fraser-Simson) 
26. Halfway Down (Harold Fraser-Simson)
27. Lines Written By A Bear Of Very Little Brain
      (Harold Fraser-Simson)
28. Henry King (Liza Lehmann)
29. Matilda (Liza Lehmann)
- duet with Emily Woolf
30. When I Am Dead, My Dearest (John Ireland)
31. Good-Night (Hubert Parry)