Favourite English Songs

Chandos CHAN 6653

Recorded October 1988


Felicity Lott - soprano

Graham Johnson - piano

1. White: So we'll go no more a-roving
2. Elgar: Queen Mary's song
3. Dunhill: The Cloths of Heaven
6. Quilter: Love`s Philosophy
5. Vaughan Williams: Silent Noon
6. Hogben: The Shawl
7. Britten: Fish in the unruffled Water

8. Berkeley: O Lurcher-Loving Collier
9. Britten: O Waly, Waly
10. Grainger: The Sprig of Thyme
11. Bush: Sigh no more, Ladies

12. Howells: Come sing and dance
13. Howells: Gavotte
14. Bridge: Go not, happy Day
15. Warlock: My own Country
16. Armstrong Gibbs: Silver
17. Peel: The early Morning
18. Head: Sweet Chance, that led my steps abroad
19. Lehmann: The Swing
20. Berners: Red Roses and Red Noses
21. Britten: Come You not from Newcastle
22. Walton: Old Sir Faulk