I do hope you are all well and safe and will stay that way as our countries begin to open up again. I could not have imagined how the world would change; I was in Paris with Opera Fuoco in March, working with some very talented young singers before their end-of-course concert in the Petit Palais. I came home early, on Friday 13th, the Petit Palais closed and the concert didn’t happen. I’ve been home in Sussex ever since and feel very fortunate to have such a lovely place in which to self-isolate with my husband.  The garden is full of flowers and birds; I haven’t spent so long here since I used to sing at Glyndebourne- but then I had to sing every other day!  The only singing I’ve done is a folksong, recorded on my iPad on the landing, for Glyndebourne’s Peaceful Moments. It has been a two month holiday such as I never had before, with weather such as England has never had before, but with an underlying unease that prevents it from feeling like a holiday.

Wigmore Hall has begun a series of lunchtime concerts, broadcast live from the empty hall and streamed on the Wigmore website. The first two concerts, Stephen Hough and Lucy Crowe with Anna Tilbrook, were wonderful and so very moving. I think Andrew McGregor, the radio announcer must have found it difficult to speak after each of them. There are opportunities to donate to both Wigmore and Glyndebourne- (and indeed to all the other theatres and opera houses which are sharing their treasures with us all)- so I do hope people will be generous to these two beloved places.

Musicians have been so creative and imaginative, putting music online in all kinds of wonderful ways with choirs, orchestras, teaching: congratulations to you all. I’m full of admiration as I weed my garden and watch the baby birds trying to fly. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make these extraordinary months bearable- and of course to all the health workers having to deal with the crisis
I hope a vaccine will be found soon but until then take care, and be kind.  Felicit


"Il nous faut de l'amour"

Il nous faut de l'amour

Olivier Bellamy, a French journalist with a daily programme on Radio Classique, who has written books about Martha Argerich and Teresa Berganza, has written a book with me/about me: Il nous faut de l’amour, published by Buchet Chastel. It is in French!
It seems very self-indulgent to have written a book about my career and life- it wasn’t my idea! But after spending hours looking back and remembering people and events, I feel very fortunate and very privileged. I’ve worked with some wonderful people and made some very good friends. Several people should have received credits in the book, which suddenly came out very quickly after being in the pipeline for a couple of years. Without all the work done by Marina Lewandowski on this website, it would have been impossible to publish a discography. And special thanks are due to my friend Sue Jones and her husband Paul, for putting all my performances on to a database from which we could extract a list of operas, colleagues and conductors. My agent, Robert Rattray, who looked after me all my performing life until he vanished across the Pond, should have a chapter to himself for being a very caring, shrewd and wise Manager, steering me through some choppy waters. And my family has been endlessly patient and supportive. I apologise if this sounds as though I’ve won an Oscar; I couldn’t really be more surprised if I had!  Felicity

Buchet / Chastel
ISBN 978-2-283-02888-9


CD's and DVD's

Brahms Beloved
Johannes Brahms: Symphonies 1 & 3

Clara Schumann: Lieder


The second and final volume of “Brahms Beloved”, in which conductor John Axelrod pairs the Brahms symphonies (in this set, the First and the Third) with songs by his muse, Clara Schumann.

"Ten of Clara’s songs are also beautifully, artfully done, with Holzmair and Lott sensitively accompanied by Axelrod on piano." The Irish Times

"Axelrod couples each symphony with songs by Clara, eaturing baritone Wolfgang Holzmair and soprano Dame Felicity Lott. A fascinating approach to their respective music and a great platform for Clara’s own neglected works. Highly recommended." The Northern Echo

Francis Poulenc: La Voix humaine
Champs Hill Records

On 22nd March 2013 the new film of La Voix humaine was first presented. It is a one-act opera for one character by Francis Poulenc, based on Jean Cocteau’s 1930 play. Although the opera was first staged in 1959, this is the very first recording of Poulenc’s masterpiece in its piano version. The DVD is now available, watch the trailer !

Felicity Lott has made this work very much her own. Her performance of the orchestral version in Potsdam in 2013 was a huge success.

"Eine stimmlich wie schauspielerisch wunderbare Darstellung." Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

"Die großartige englische Sängerdarstellerin bot einen erschütternden Einblick in eine zerrüttete Beziehung. (...) Spielend meistert sie die riesigen emotionalen Schwankungen der Partie." Märkische Allgemeine


Elgar in Sussex
Champs Hill Records

This recording contains Elgar's beautiful Piano Quintet in A minor, Three Movements for Piano Trio and seven songs performed by Felicity Lott.

"...a delightful set of seven songs -- an atypical genre for Elgar -- taken from both early and mature periods. Soprano Felicity Lott sings with a wonderful purity of tone; the superb balance and clear recorded sound quality with pianist Joseph Middleton make for a memorable listening experience." (



Poulenc - The Complete Songs Vol. 2
Signum Classics

On the second release of Signum's Poulenc series Felicity Lott presents the song cycle "Tel jour telle nuit", "Trois poèmes de Louise Lalanne" and "Les chemins de l'amour".

"...Felicity Lott's well-deserved status in this repertoire comes through in the song-cycle Tel jour telle nuit. (...) her musicianly response to the Paul Eluard poems has few rivals." (The New Zealand Herald)


Poulenc - The Complete Songs Vol. 1
Signum Classics

This release marks the first in a new series charting the complete songs of Francis Poulenc, performed by various singers accompanied Malcolm Martineau. Felicity presents the song cycle "La Courte Paille".

"...Felicity Lott remains fresh and idiomatic in "Lune d'avril"...." (The Guardian)

"Dritte außergewöhnliche Interpretin ist Felicity Lott, (....) was für eine Eleganz der Phrasierung! Zudem schafft Dame Felicity es, in ihren Interpretationen von 'La Courte Paille' mit leichter Hand eine Verbindung zwischen Poulenc und dem ‚Rechtsnachfolger‘ seiner Melodies, dem französischen Chanson der 50er Jahre herzustellen." (


Call Me Flott
Champs Hill Records

A charming collection of light-hearted songs- all in English but not all written by Englishmen!

"...A smile appears in the voice, and though she takes no jazz-influenced rhythmic or melodic liberties, there is a naturalness to her delivery that feels fresh and contemporary. (...) It actually takes a top artist to imbue these simple numbers with a sense of fun without overdoing a knowing wink at the anachronism...." (Opera Today)

"...Overall, one can't help but be impressed by Felicity Lott's enduring talents, which are readily on display on this disc...." (

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