Books containing interviews with Dame Felicity Lott and other great singers:

Mythos Primadonna
by Dieter David Scholz (in German)
Parthas-Verlag, ISBN 3932529278


Divas In Their Own Words
by Andrew Palmer (in English)
The Vernon Press, ISBN 0953901408


by Agnes Gerhards (in French)
Seuil, ISBN 2020225603



A guide to opera characters:

Who's Who In Opera by Joyce Bourne
Oxford University Press, ISBN 019280054X
A guide to opera with essays written by well known personalities from the world of opera about their favourite characters and how they see them. Flott's essay is about Christine Storch (Intermezzo / Strauss).


An encyclopedia of singers:

Die neuen Sängerstimmen by Manuel Brug
Henschel-Verlag, ISBN 389487452X
A guide to the most important classical singers of the last decade.



Books with portraits:

When Divas Confess by Marcia Liebermann (photos) and Paul Griffiths (text)
Universe Publishing, ISBN 0789302594 
Contains portraits of master opera singers in their leading roles. Dame Felicity poses as the Marschallin.


Frauen in der Oper by Volker Gebhardt
Elisabeth Sandmann Verlag, ISBN 3938045027
A book about great voices and great roles.


Memories by Gemma Levine (photos) in aid of the Alzheimer's Disease Society
Ebury Press, ISBN 0091860873
A collection of portraits of people from all walks of public life. Gemma Levine has also requested from each person a recollection from their own life or their thoughts of the value of memory itself. Flott remembers an amazing day in the summer of 1992...


...and three further books:

Wigmore Hall 1901-2001 A Celebration edited by Julia MacRae
The Wigmore Hall Trust, ISBN 0953958108
The first hundred years of London's famous concert hall. With an essay by Flott about her special relationship to the Wigmore Hall.


Faber Pocket Guide to Handel by Edward Blakeman
faber and faber, ISBN 9780571238316
This Pocket Guide goes in search of the composer, exploring the man and his music. Foreword by Felicity Lott.


Sing English Song by Stephen Varcoe
Thames Publishing, ISBN 0905210735
A practical approach to the language and the repertoire. Foreword by Felicity Lott.